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  • FREE GAME:  Journey  (PS3 & PS4)

    FREE GAME: Journey (PS3 & PS4)

    Yesterday I posted about posted about how Sony is giving away a collection of the first three Uncharted games for PlayStation 4 owners and they are also giving away the award winning game Journey at the same time! I can’t say I have ever played Journey but I have heard a lot of great things […]

  • God of War Kratos Life-Size Hand-Finished Bust

    God of War Kratos Life-Size Hand-Finished Bust

    I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it before but for those that might be new, my favorite franchise of games is the God of War franchise.  The other franchises I post about like Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Sonic the Hedgehog and many others hold a special place in my heart but God of […]

  • Awesome Little Big Planet Cake [pic]

    I can’t say I was ever as excited about the PlayStation 3 game Little Big Planet as most people but I know a lot of people that absolutely love the game.  I did buy the game eventually but found it too boring to play much of. However, if there is one thing that isn’t boring, […]

  • Reaper Cosplay from inFAMOUS [pic]

    One of my favorite PlayStation 3 games has to be inFAMOUS.  Its a great game and there is nothing quite like the feeling you get when you just go around blowing stuff up.  Well, apparently the game has finally inspired some great cosplay! DeviantART user Androgynous Monster is the cosplayer in this picture sporting some […]

  • Amazing Assassin’s Creed PlayStation 3 Console Mod [pic]

    Whenever I see an amazing console mod it makes me absolutely giddy.  I may not have the skills required to do any modding behind putting a custom faceplate on my PSP, but I can always dream of owning one of the amazing console mods that I stumble across.  In this case, I would kill to […]

  • Video Game Addict Invades McDonalds [pic]

    Ever since McDonalds started to put wifi in their fast food restaurants, its not uncommon to see somebody eating some fries while working away on their laptop or even playing a handheld gaming device like a PSP online.  Well, this guy decided to apparently take things to the next level and bring in a small […]