Felt Boba Fett iPad Case [pic]

As much as I love how sturdy my leather iPad case is (I forget the brand), I have always thought it was a bit bulky for as plain as it is (all black).  I’ve been considering getting a new iPad case for a while but haven’t had much luck coming across anything I liked with a high geek factor.  Until now!

Etsy seller MyGeekyBoyfriend is the awesome person selling this fantastic hand-made, felt Boba Fett iPad case (which I would actually consider more of a sleeve) for just $29.00!  It also has a pouch for carrying your earbuds which is something all iPad cases need!

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Boba Fett Felt iPad Case
Boba Fett Felt iPad Case
Felt Boba Fett iPad Case Inside
Felt Boba Fett iPad Case Inside

[Source:  Etsy]



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