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  • Super Mario Bros Fireflower Wedding Bouquet [pics]

    Although I posted a really cool Super Mario Bros engagement ring box and even an even cooler Super Mario Bros marriage proposal video some time ago, I can’t recall having ever seen somebody have a Super Mario Bros themed wedding.  Well, if you are planning on throwing just such a wedding, I think I have […]

  • Light-Up TARDIS Lapel Pin Changes Colors [pic]

    I really envy people who have the crafting skills to make their own geeky creations.  As a kid, I hated doing arts and crafts stuff (video games were my thing), but now I really wish I had tried to enjoy it because I see and post all kinds of amazing things that people create with […]

  • Felt Boba Fett iPad Case [pic]

    As much as I love how sturdy my leather iPad case is (I forget the brand), I have always thought it was a bit bulky for as plain as it is (all black).  I’ve been considering getting a new iPad case for a while but haven’t had much luck coming across anything I liked with […]