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  • This Boba Fett Welding Mask is Amazing!

    This Boba Fett Welding Mask is Amazing!

    Knowing how to weld is a good skill to have although I am the only man in my family who doesn’t know how to do it.  So, when I need something welded I have to turn to one of my family members although that is quite rare.  However, I have been known to borrow a […]

  • Boba Fett Themed Car

    Boba Fett Themed Car

    Largely due to the expense of fancy paint jobs and such, I have never really had any desire to make my car look especially geeky and it has been recently tuned up with with a Cummins Holset turbocharger in stock.  I have thought about putting some sort of digital sign on it that I could […]

  • Boba Fett Pizza

    Being the huge pizza addict that I am, I love posting about geeky pizzas that people make.  In the past, I have posted about some really cool pizzas like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle logo pizza, a Dalek pizza, a Joker pizza and a ton of other delicious looking geeky pizzas.  To see them all, […]

  • This Boba Fett Helmet Lamp Awesome and You Can Make Your Own! [pics]

    One of the reasons I have been looking for a new desk is because mine really doesn’t give me much room to do anything cool with like have a lamp.  Unfortunately, it seems to be impossible to find a desk that does what I want it to so I am coming to the conclusion that […]

  • Boba Fett Kitchenaid Mixer [pic]

    It is pretty common for people to do something geeky to their computers, game consoles or other gadgets, but it is not every day you see somebody turn a kitchen appliance into geek art.  In fact, the only other instance I can think of that I have seen is the TARDIS refrigerator.  Well, one Star […]

  • Boba Fett Mailbox [pic]

    In my neighborhood, everybody’s mailbox is up at or in their front door.  The old curbside mailboxes aren’t something you see a very often and I can think of only a couple neighborhoods in town that are like that.  I find that to be a bit unfortunate because there are some great mailbox ideas out […]