Massive Triforce Snow Sculpture [pic]

Its that time of year again when geeks use the latest snow storm as the opportunity to make something amazing with the recent snowfall.  Well, a couple of Legend of Zelda fans decided to have some beers and make this amazing Triforce snow sculpture with a pair of massive hands holding up the Triforce.  If this isn’t a cool gaming snow sculpture, I don’t know what is!  In terms of geeky snow sculptures, I would say this is right up there with the Darth Vader and R2-D2 snow sculptures.  I would love to know how long it took these guys to make this tribute to the Legend of Zelda.  If you have made any geeky snow sculptures, send us some pictures to pcnerd37 [at]

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Giant Triforce Snow Scuplture
Giant Triforce Snow Scuplture

[via Geekologie]



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