24-Karat Gold Apple MacBook Pro [pics]

What is a person to do when they have more money than God and need a 13″ MacBook Pro?  You have one custom made for you out of 24-karat gold and diamonds of course!  I am not sure I even want to know how much it would cost to have a 13″ Apple MacBook Pro made out of gold with an amazing etched design and the Apple logo made out of diamonds.  Unfortunately, this expensive makeover likely kills the portability factor because even the most honest of people is likely to try to swipe this in these tough economic times.

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Gold and Diamond Apple MacBook Pro
Gold and Diamond Apple MacBook Pro
Gold MacBook Pro
Gold MacBook Pro

[via TechEBlog]






One response to “24-Karat Gold Apple MacBook Pro [pics]”

  1. Wretched Avatar

    How much did it cost i want to know?

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