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  • Star Trek Klingon Messenger Bag

    Star Trek Klingon Messenger Bag

    While I hate the idea of getting rid of my trusty backpack which I have been using to haul around my laptop, tablet and other gear for several years, it is time that I get something else because the shoulder straps  are about to rip off and I don’t want to risk dropping all my […]

  • Darth Vader Briefcase Shows You Mean Business

    Darth Vader Briefcase Shows You Mean Business

    For quite a few years now, when I have needed to take things somewhere like my laptop, I have always used a backpack that I received from Microsoft back when I was one of their Student Insiders.  Well, its just about shot these days with the straps ready to rip off at any time so […]

  • Amazing Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags

    Amazing Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags

    Lately I have had my eye out for a new bag to carry my laptop and other gadgets around in since the straps on my backpack are about to rip off and until now, I have never found one that I felt was a must have.  Being a huge Star Trek fan, the idea of […]

  • How Great are Laptops for Online Gaming? [Guest Post]

    Ever since the world has been introduced to the wonderful power of computers, the demand for more processing power, while getting smaller, has led to the laptops and tablets of today.  With such processing power at their fingertips, consumers are now expecting things like free laptop deals to entice them in giving up their hard […]

  • Mini MacBook Air Mirror [pic + video]

    Just when you thought Apple’s MacBook Air couldn’t get any smaller, it has been miniaturized!  The downside is that it is no longer a functional computer but a small mirror.  This mirror that looks like Apple’s MacBook Air is called the MirrorBook Air and is available from this French web store for around $27.  If […]

  • Fail! Apple MacBook as a Book [pic]

    It never ceases to amaze me just how many stupid things make it passed the editors and into books, magazines, pamphlets, ect.  Considering how drawn people are to pictures, you would have thought that a mistake this big surely would have been caught before going to print but apparently some people out there are even […]