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  • This Halo Xbox 360 Console Mod is Really Cool!

    While I appreciate the look that various companies give their video game consoles (although I think the PlayStation 4 is rather ugly), I often wish I had the modding skills to do something really cool with my game systems.  In the past, I have featured a number of really amazing Xbox 360 console mods including […]

  • Magnificent Borderlands 2 Desktop PC Mod

    There are a lot of people that love the Borderlands games, myself included, but I don’t think there are many people who would go this far to show off just how much they love the games.  In the past, I have posted some really cool Borderlands cakes like the Claptrap grooms cake and the Borderlands […]

  • This Incredible Steampunk Computer PC Case Mod is Amazing! [pics]

    Having seen a number of case mod competitions over the years as well as all of the ones I have posted that I have just stumbled across, I am no stranger to amazing pc mods.  However, I think this steampunk case mod might just be the greatest pc case mod I have ever seen! A […]

  • The Millennium Falcon Dual PC/MAC Case Mod [pic + video]

    One of my favorite parts about LAN parties are the case mod competitions that are known to take place.  I’ve seen everything from computers made to look like treasure chests to computers that are built into the tank of toilets.  However, out of all of the case mods I have seen, this Millennium Falcon computer […]

  • Amazing Captain America Xbox 360 Case Mod [pics]

    Captain America certainly isn’t as popular as other superheroes like Superman, Iron Man or Batman, but there are still a ton of people that like him which is why I figured you guys would probably enjoy this awesome Captain America Xbox 360 case mod that I stumbled across yesterday. The creator of this awesome Captain […]

  • This Star Wars AT-AT PC Casemod Will Blow Your Mind! [pic]

    I have always been one to build all of my one computers (except for laptops of course), but I have never even tried to do the case mod thing since I really don’t have the skills to do it. Well, apparently this person has the skills to make an amazing case mod or at least […]