Knitted Portal Companion Cube Sweater [pic]

When it comes to geeky clothing that I post here in Global Geek News, I usually like to stick to stuff that you can buy if you really like it.  I know I have purchased some shirts that I have posted in the past like the Starbuck So Say We All t-shirt.  Today, I found a sweater that is so cool, I felt I had to post it, even if you couldn’t buy it somewhere.  At least you can still make it!

Some Portal loving person spent 10 days knitting the amazing Companion Cube sweater that you can see in the picture below.  I think they did a great job!  If you have made some awesome and geeky clothing like this, let us know in the comments!

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Portal Companion Cube Knitted Sweater
Portal Companion Cube Knitted Sweater

[via Fashionably Geek]



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