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  • Incredible Geeky Stained Glass Lamps

    Incredible Geeky Stained Glass Lamps

    Stained glass isn’t exactly cheap so I have never owned any, but if I was to ever own a stained glass lamp, it would have to be one of these amazing and geeky ones below!  In the past I have posted some pretty cool stained glass creations like this Halo Master Chief helmet lamp and […]

  • This Perfect Portal Wedding Cake is Not a Lie!

    This Perfect Portal Wedding Cake is Not a Lie!

    In the past, I have posted a ton of Portal cakes (just search for Portal cakes on the right to find them all) including a wedding cake that looks like a Companion Cube with Atlas and P-Body toppers.  However, the one I found today which you can see below blows them all away or I […]

  • The Ultimate Portal Test Chamber Bedroom [pics]

    It has long been a dream of mine to give my bedroom some sort of geeky makeover but thanks to the texture on my walls, that is much easier said than done.  Well, there are some people out there that have walls that are a little better for doing stuff with and at least a […]

  • Portal Companion Cube Dice [pic]

    Tired of playing with just normal dice?  Sure, some color can change things up again but they still look pretty much the same so it doesn’t put that much spice into your tabletop game.  However, if you are a Portal fan and are looking for a dice that is a little different, how about playing […]

  • Portal Birthday Cake [pic]

    It is always nice to see the cool things that people will do for their significant other for special occasions like their birthday.  At least when it comes to geeks, romance definitely isn’t dead and judging by cakes like this fantastic Portal birthday cake, it is alive and well! Reddit user Fus_ro_dah_lady made this cake […]

  • This Portal Cake Isn’t A Lie But it is Cool! [pic]

    Are you one of the millions of fans of the Portal games?  Then I suspect you will love this Portal cake which apparently isn’t a lie (although it looks like it should be).  Rather than being just another Companion Cube cake which seems to be a popular cake choice lately, this one took a completely […]