NES cartridge wedding invitation [pic]

When geeks are in love, seriously geeky things can happen.  In this case, wedding invitations were made out of old NES cartridges and sent out to guests.  While I don’t know what played when you put the invitation into the NES, the invitation itself is epic.  I would say that it is even cooler than the Pokemon pokeball marriage proposal I posted a few weeks ago.  Not being one for dressing up, I usually avoid weddings at all costs, but if I got an invitation printed on an old NES controller, I can assure you that I would definitely go to that wedding if only to hope that the bride and groom would be dressed up as Mario and Peach.

Pass this along to any of those romantic, NES loving geeks that you know, especially if they are looking for wedding invitation ideas!


NES cartridge wedding invitation
NES cartridge wedding invitation

[via Girl Gone Geek’s Blog]


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