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  • Nintendo 64 GoldenEye Cartridge Cosplay

    Nintendo 64 GoldenEye Cartridge Cosplay

    I suspect that the Nintendo 64 will always be one of my favorite consoles.  Of course I haven’t played on one in years thanks to the wonderful world of emulators but I still have a couple of them and my stash of games in my basement.  However, I can’t say my copy of GoldenEye is […]

  • GoldenEye Makes for the Best Costume Ever! [pic]

    Several months ago, I posted a picture of a guy I declared to be the King of Nintendo 64.  It seemed like an obvious title at the time considering he was covered in armor made of Nintendo 64 consoles and game cartridges as well as he had a sword made of a couple of controllers […]

  • NES Game Cartridge Earrings [pic]

    I’ve never had any desire to decorate my ears in any fashion but if I ever got hit in the head hard enough to change my mind about that, I would definitely go with these awesome NES game cartridge earrings.  This post is probably more for our female audience which makes up about half of […]

  • NES cartridge wedding invitation [pic]

    When geeks are in love, seriously geeky things can happen.  In this case, wedding invitations were made out of old NES cartridges and sent out to guests.  While I don’t know what played when you put the invitation into the NES, the invitation itself is epic.  I would say that it is even cooler than […]