GoldenEye Makes for the Best Costume Ever! [pic]

Several months ago, I posted a picture of a guy I declared to be the King of Nintendo 64.  It seemed like an obvious title at the time considering he was covered in armor made of Nintendo 64 consoles and game cartridges as well as he had a sword made of a couple of controllers and a bunch of games.  Well, I wouldn’t call the guy below the King of the N64, but it feels like it should have a similar title because of the massive GoldenEye N64 game cartridge costume he is wearing.

The guy sporting this awesome GoldenEye Nintendo 64 cartridge as a costume is reddit user calteoh.  I’d say it is a very clever costume idea although not very practical.  I mean, when this guy goes to take a leak, he will be occupying three urinals instead of one.  And that’s just rude.

No matter how many urinals this costume takes up, it is still one of the coolest costume ideas I have ever seen.

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GoldenEye Nintendo 64 Costume
GoldenEye Nintendo 64 Game Cartridge Costume

[Source:  Reddit]


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