Angry Birds coming to Windows Phone 7…In a few months

Rovio, the creators of the fantastic and addictive game Angry Birds has stated on their Twitter account that Angry Birds is coming to Windows Phone 7.  Unfortunately, Angry Birds on WP7 is still some months off.  As you may remember, Microsoft was accused of falsely advertising Angry Birds on their platform (which we spoke about in episode #84 of the Global Geek News Podcast) shortly before the launch of Windows Phone 7 to which Rovio replied that they were taking a wait and see approach to the platform before committing any resources to porting the popular game to the mobile OS.  Perhaps Microsoft accidentally revealed something Rovio wasn’t ready to announce yet?  Maybe an announcement will be made at Microsoft’s CES 2011 keynote speech tomorrow?  Either way, this is a great announcement for Windows Phone 7 users who are lovers of flying birds that try to kill pigs.

Here is the twitter exchange where Rovio makes this announcement.!/CamandoSpawn/status/22029439986573312