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  • Social Media Explained Humorously [pic]

    I am often asked many things about social media from why it is important to what you are supposed to do with various services like Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Foursquare (among others) and after a while, I tend to get tired of answering those same questions over and over again.  From now on, when […]

  • In Case of Fire, Tweet Later [pic]

    Like millions of others, I often feel the urge to tweet something when something exciting is happening before really taking the time to react to whatever is going on.  Well, apparently this is becoming such a problem (probably an addiction to Twitter) that places are now having to put up signs saying saying that in […]

  • The roast of Facebook [video]

    I’ve always greatly enjoyed watching the Friar’s Club roasts in the past.  It is amazing that they can get away with airing some of that stuff on Comedy Central.  Well, this might not be the Friar’s Club roasting Facebook but it as just as good.  Instead we have other Web 2.0 sites roasting it although […]

  • Yummy Twitter Birthday Cake [pic]

    One our or Dutch readers and fellow blogger, Jeroen Ooms emailed me ([email protected]) for anybody who wants to shoot me an email) to pass along an awesome Twitter birthday cake that was made for his birthday.  The cake looks pretty good!  If you would like to wish Jeroen a happy birthday (and you should), you […]

  • HTML 5 Sarcasm tag [pic]

    One of the biggest problems that online communication faces is that it can be very hard to communicate sarcasm.  To fix this problem, Twitter user @gf3 suggested that the W3C should include a tag in the HTML 5 spec.  The W3C tweeted a response with a witty answer that you can see below.  I love […]

  • Stats for the Internet in 2010

    Image via Wikipedia A company called Pingdom has realeased some very impressive statistics for the state of the internet in 2010.  It is worth checking out all of the stats given in the previous link but here are some of the highlights that I found most interesting. 107 Trillion emails were sent in 2010, 89.1% […]