Tag: Pokemon

  • Pokemon Beer Pong Table [pic]

    Considering I don’t drink beer, I would have absolutely no use for a beer pong table.  However, I still enjoy seeing really geeky beer pong tables.  In the past, I have posted a really cool Legend of Zelda inspired beer pong table as well as another Legend of Zelda beer pong table that is a […]

  • Barack Obama Singing The Pokémon Theme Song [video]

    Having grown up playing the Pokemon games on my Game Boy handhelds as well as watching the cartoon every time it aired, I still find myself humming or even singing the Pokemon theme song (from the cartoon) on occasion.  I think it might just be the best theme song to a cartoon ever made although […]

  • When A Pimp and Pikachu Reproduce, You Get a Pimpachu! [pics]

    It is pretty common that I post whatever really cool cosplay I come across either on here or my other blog, Fanboy Fashion but once in a great while I come across something that is so creative and weird that even though it not some spot on cosplay, I just have to post it.  This […]

  • Pikachu Latte Art [pic]

    Are you looking for that extra jolt of energy from your latte?  Then perhaps it needs an electric Pokemon!  Nothing will give you quite the jolt that you are looking for like some Pikachu latte art.  Unless of course you feel like sticking a knife in an electrical outlet or something (seriously, don’t do this!).  […]

  • Rhinestone Pokemon Bra [pic]

    It has been years since I have played any of the Pokemon games (I have little desire to learn all of the newer Pokemon), but even when I was addicted to the games, I would have never imagined that Pokemon and women’s underwear seem to go together as well as they do. In the past, […]

  • Drunk Pikachu Cake [pic]

    Its not often that I come across something geeky yet so bizarre that it makes me completely speechless but this is one of those times.  I can’t even imagine what would inspire somebody to come up with the idea of a passed out drunk Pikachu cake.  I know there are some people that like to […]