Pokemon Beer Pong Table [pic]

Considering I don’t drink beer, I would have absolutely no use for a beer pong table.  However, I still enjoy seeing really geeky beer pong tables.  In the past, I have posted a really cool Legend of Zelda inspired beer pong table as well as another Legend of Zelda beer pong table that is a map of the NES game.  Well, now it looks like the Pokemon world is getting in on the action with this amazing Pokemon beer pong table!

Reddit user legabwej created this amazing Pokemon beer pong table while in college (of course).  It is made to look like two people battling a Blastoise and a Charizard on a couple of Game Boy systems linked together with a cable.  I’d say he did a pretty amazing job with it!

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Pokemon Beer Pong Table
Pokemon Beer Pong Table

[Source:  Reddit]


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