Pikachu Latte Art [pic]

Are you looking for that extra jolt of energy from your latte?  Then perhaps it needs an electric Pokemon!  Nothing will give you quite the jolt that you are looking for like some Pikachu latte art.  Unless of course you feel like sticking a knife in an electrical outlet or something (seriously, don’t do this!).  While I have never been one to need that extra energy boost, I still love seeing great latte art like this!

This fantastic Pikachu latte art was created by latte artist Kazuki Yamamoto, the same guy that created the amazing Ghostbusters latte art I posted yesterday.  When it comes to making cool things with latte foam, this guy is the king!  Every barista should try to make as good of designs as they guy can in a latte.

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Pokemon Pikachu Latte Art
Pikachu Latte Art

[via That’s Nerdalicious]



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