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  • Amazing Star Wars Latte Art To Celebrate Star Wars Day

    Amazing Star Wars Latte Art To Celebrate Star Wars Day

    Its been quite a while since I have posted some impressive latte art so when I saw the most impressive latte artist I know tweet a collection of his amazing Star Wars latte art, I knew I had to share it, especially since today is Star Wars Day! Some of the Star Wars latte art […]

  • Death Star Latte Art

    Death Star Latte Art

    It has been a while since I have posted some nerdy latte art (search for latte art on the right to see all of the amazing latte art I have posted about in the past), so when I saw this Death Star latte art on the front page of the Star Wars subreddit, I thought […]

  • Awesome Stormtrooper Latte Art

    A long time ago, I posted some Star Wars inspired Stormtrooper latte art that looking back in comparison to all of the other latte art I have posted is so ugly I probably should have never posted it.  It was a decent effort but looking back, it just wasn’t up to the quality standards I […]

  • Colorful Kirby Latte Art [pic]

    For somebody who doesn’t even like to drink lattes, it is rather surprising how much I enjoy seeing latte art.  However, despite all of the latte art I have seen and all of the works of beverage art I have posted on here, I have never seen one that was colored until now. A Japanese […]

  • Atari Latte Art [pic]

    While I am not a latte drinker, I am a huge fan of latte art.  It never ceases to amaze me the awesome designs that people will create in these drinks.  For example, in the past I have posted a ton of amazing latte art including some cool Ghostbusters latte art and even some very […]

  • Pikachu Latte Art [pic]

    Are you looking for that extra jolt of energy from your latte?  Then perhaps it needs an electric Pokemon!  Nothing will give you quite the jolt that you are looking for like some Pikachu latte art.  Unless of course you feel like sticking a knife in an electrical outlet or something (seriously, don’t do this!).  […]