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  • Teacher Pulls Epic Prank On Math Class

    Teacher Pulls Epic Prank On Math Class

    When I was in school, if a teacher wanted to get out attention, they would just yell at us.  It usually got the job done but I’m not sure it was quite as effective as the hilarious prank below and I know it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as entertaining. This morning, this video of an April […]

  • Apple Pi iPad [pic]

    I’ve seen people put some pretty cool decals on their iPad like the zombie Snow White iPad decal, but this Pi decal next to the Apple logo might be the most clever way I have seen to incorporate the Apple logo on the back of the iPad into the decal design.  I’ve been thinking about […]

  • Möbius Cake [pic]

    Most geeks are familiar with the Möbius Strip, but what about the Mobius cake?  Well, now you can say you have finally seen a Möbius cake!  The cake in the picture below weights a whopping 8 pounds!  It was created with one of those fancy 3D printers called the CandyFab 4000.  I’ve always thought it would be cool […]

  • Angry Birds Smashes Into School Tests [pic]

    You know Angry Birds is having a real impact on society when it starts showing up in your tests at school.  If the game was around so that I had test questions like this when I was in school, I might not have hated my math classes so much but to be fair, I am […]

  • Pac-Man + Quadratic Formula Tattoo [Pic]

    I’m not really sure I get the link between Pac-Man and the quadratic formula in this tattoo but it meets my definition of super geeky which means it is worthy of getting posted here on Global Geek News.  Gamers are sure to love most any Pac-man tattoo while math nerds are sure to love any […]

  • Absurd math problems [comic]

    Growing up, I never cared much for math (still don’t) but I did enjoy story problems more than anything else we were given in math class.  I always thought they added a level of fun to the math problems and at least made them somewhat interesting compared to just seeing a bunch of numbers spewed […]