Angry Birds Smashes Into School Tests [pic]

You know Angry Birds is having a real impact on society when it starts showing up in your tests at school.  If the game was around so that I had test questions like this when I was in school, I might not have hated my math classes so much but to be fair, I am not a big fan of formal education period.  I would probably have an easier time designing an algorithm that could do the math work for me than I would actually doing this problem.  Extra geek credits for anybody who solves this and puts the answer in the comments!  And no, you don’t have to show your work.

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Angry Birds Math Test
Angry Birds Math Test

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  1. Kitwuisien Avatar

    the answer i get is 31.53 degree. taking gravity acceleration as 9.8ms^-2
    assuming no air resistances.

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