Absurd math problems [comic]

Growing up, I never cared much for math (still don’t) but I did enjoy story problems more than anything else we were given in math class.  I always thought they added a level of fun to the math problems and at least made them somewhat interesting compared to just seeing a bunch of numbers spewed on a page.  One of the most entertaining parts about the math problems we were given was just how absurd some of them were.  This old yet still very funny Peanuts cartoon makes fun of just how absurd some of those math problems were and still are I’m sure.

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Story problems in math class Peanuts cartoon
Story problems in math class Peanuts cartoon






2 responses to “Absurd math problems [comic]”

  1. Dustin Andrews Avatar
    Dustin Andrews

    This is probably a fake. I am 98% sure I read every comic Schultz actaully wrote and he would have never used the word “hell”. Still, it’s kinda true.

  2. Jeremy Bray Avatar
    Jeremy Bray

    Yeah, that made me wonder if it was the real thing or not but since it has been years since I have read any Peanuts stuff, I just decided to go with it.

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