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  • TARDIS Movie Cabinet [pic]

    If you have already turned your refrigerator into a TARDIS and are looking for something else to give the Doctor Who treatment to, do like this person and turn your movie cabinet into a TARDIS.  I recently outrgrew my current movie shelves due to all of the bargains around Black Friday so building a TARDIS […]

  • Why piracy is better than renting [pic]

    I’ve never been one to hide the fact that I am a pirate.  While I have Netflix and watch a lot of movies and tv shows on it, I have a major hatred for DRM, extra long trailers that I can’t skip, annoying FBI warnings and numerous other things that come along with watching something […]

  • Netflix raises DVD prices and announces streaming only plan

    We have good news and we have bad news.  Lets start with the good news.  After months of anticipation, Netflix has finally announced an all streaming plan for $8/mo.  Considering what you can stream on Netflix and the devices you can stream it on compared to Hulu, it makes paying $8/mo for Hulu plus seem […]

  • Netflix drives customers to piracy by delaying new releases

    Greetings Readers! With the exception of when they raise prices, everybody seems to have a  major love of Netflix, myself included.  Unfortunately, I think that love affair is about to come to an end.  It was announced today that Netflix has decided to let the greedy people over at Warner Bros. keep Netflix from renting […]

  • Global Geek News Podcast #34

    Here are the shownotes for episode #34 for the Global Geek News Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes Download the MP3 Help support us with a $5/mo subscription! Stories: HDTVs are now in more than half of US homes Modder arrest reminds that most console hacks are illegal The Pirate Bay Dutch retrial 14-24 year olds pirate […]

  • Blu-ray sales up 91% this year

    Good news coming from the Blu-ray camp, sales of Blu-ray disks are up 91%.  If that wasn’t good enough news, standalone player sales are up 25%, bringing the total number of blu-ray playing devices in the US (Including the PS3) to almost 11 million.  The sad thing is that half of that number is PS3 […]