TARDIS Movie Cabinet [pic]

If you have already turned your refrigerator into a TARDIS and are looking for something else to give the Doctor Who treatment to, do like this person and turn your movie cabinet into a TARDIS.  I recently outrgrew my current movie shelves due to all of the bargains around Black Friday so building a TARDIS movie shelf might just be in my future.  However, if I build one, I will make sure it has the little beacon on top and makes TARDIS sounds just to complete the look.  If you have any geeky furniture you would like to tell us about, shoot us an e-mail to pcnerd37 [at] globalgeeknews.com

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Doctor Who TARDIS Movie Cabinet
Doctor Who TARDIS Movie Cabinet

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3 responses to “TARDIS Movie Cabinet [pic]”

  1. Marte1 618 Avatar
    Marte1 618

    By any chance, do you have plans for this project? Love the idea–Marté

  2. […] closet had doors, I would do this to mine too!  I guess I will have to settle to building myself a TARDIS movie cabinet […]

  3. Phedre Neya Avatar

    I would really like the plans for this!

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