Netflix raises DVD prices and announces streaming only plan

We have good news and we have bad news.  Lets start with the good news.  After months of anticipation, Netflix has finally announced an all streaming plan for $8/mo.  Considering what you can stream on Netflix and the devices you can stream it on compared to Hulu, it makes paying $8/mo for Hulu plus seem a little silly.  Of course you won’t get any DVDs shipped to you this way but it seems people are caring less about that these days anyway.  Personally, I have gone all streaming and have had one Netflix movie since 8/15/09 (A Man Apart for those curious) that I have yet to send back.  I find it kind of strange that the streaming service was announced for Canada first but maybe that is just me.

Now for the bad news.  For those still clinging to physical media, DVD/Blu-ray prices are going up.  The more DVDs you have out at a time, the more expensive it is getting.  The only plan that isn’t changing is the limited plan which allows you to have 1 DVD out at a time but you are limited to 2 a month.  Below is a graph of the price changes so you can see must how much more you are going to be spending a month to continue using DVDs.

New Netflix Prices


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