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  • Adorable Star Wars Chewbacca Cake

    Adorable Star Wars Chewbacca Cake

    When it comes to cakes, I tend to keep it really simple with something like a Jello cake especially since my cake making skills end with the directions on the back of the cake mix box.  However, thankfully there are people that are far more skilled at making cakes than I am because if there […]

  • Awesome Angry Birds Star Wars Chewbacca Bird Cake

    Of all of the Angry Birds games (which I play almost all of them daily), I think the Star Wars version is my favorite.  It doesn’t feel quite as difficult as some of the other Angry Birds games can be which is nice from a frustration point of view but I also prefer the birds […]

  • Stellar Star Wars Sugar Cookies [pic]

    Like every other living human, I am a huge fan of sugar cookies.  Thanks to the large amount of them that happened to be around the house this past Christmas, I am still trying to lose all of the holiday weight I gained because of them.  However, it is probably a good thing there weren’t […]

  • Epic Chewbacca Cake [pic]

    If you use the search on the right and look for Star Wars cakes, you will quickly realize that they seem to be about a dime a dozen these days.  I can’t even recall all of the Millennium Falcon cakes and Death Star cakes I have posted because there have been so many.  However, what […]

  • Another Awesome Star Wars Mashup Cake [pic]

    Last week, I posted about a really cool Star Wars mashup cake that featured layers for Yoda, Darth Vader and R2-D2 and now it looks like somebody has created another awesome Star Wars mashup cake!  Instead of only having three Star Wars characters represented on the cake, this one has four! This awesome Star Wars […]

  • Licking a Chewbacca Armpit Tattoo is Weird [pic]

    I’ve seen some people do some strange things, but licking a Chewbacca armpit tattoo has definitely got to be pretty high up there on the list of weird stuff I have seen while browsing the web. Actor Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead, apparently decided it would be fun to lick this […]