Stellar Star Wars Sugar Cookies [pic]

Like every other living human, I am a huge fan of sugar cookies.  Thanks to the large amount of them that happened to be around the house this past Christmas, I am still trying to lose all of the holiday weight I gained because of them.  However, it is probably a good thing there weren’t any Star Wars sugar cookies like this around the house because I would have gained a lot more weight than I did.

These fantastic looking Star Wars cookies were created by The Hungry Hippopotamus who gave them a wonderful cartoon look.  I am quite impressed with the level of detail they were able to achieve with the frosting on these cookies.

Even though I think they all look great, I can’t decide if I like Han Solo or Darth Vader the best.  I guess that all depends on if Darth Vader’s lightsaber is made out of glitter or some sort of shiny yet edible frosting.  The thought of eating glitter just doesn’t sound good.

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Star Wars Cookies
Star Wars Sugar Cookies

[Source:  The Hungry Hippopotamus Via That’s Nerdalicious]


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