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  • ‘Net Neutrality’ is a horrible idea and this is why you don’t want it

    ‘Net Neutrality’ is a horrible idea and this is why you don’t want it

    It may surprise you and I expect I will probably get some nasty e-mails about this but I am not a supporter of this Net Neutrality movement that everybody is up in arms about.  While I agree that we have some serious problems with our current system ranging from cable company monopolies to crazy prices for […]

  • The Sacred Order of Geeks [Infographic]

    Here on Global Geek News, most of the stuff I post is targeted at the somewhat stereotypical geek who likes video games, science fiction, fantasy and superheroes.  Of course not all geeks like all of those things (I am only now getting into the fantasy stuff and have never read a comic book in my […]

  • Futurama Shut Up and Take My Money Birthday Card [pic]

    I’m honestly not one for getting people cards (for their birthday, Christmas, ect) or for receiving them.  I find them to be a waste of money for something that will just get tossed in the trash and a waste of trees (not to mention a waste of time trying to find the perfect card). Well, […]

  • How Great are Laptops for Online Gaming? [Guest Post]

    Ever since the world has been introduced to the wonderful power of computers, the demand for more processing power, while getting smaller, has led to the laptops and tablets of today.  With such processing power at their fingertips, consumers are now expecting things like free laptop deals to entice them in giving up their hard […]

  • Look of Disapproval Emoticon Glasses [pic]

    Over the passed several months, I have noticed that the look of disapproval emoticon, ಠ_ಠ, seems to be getting really popular.  I am constantly seeing it used on various message boards and such that I frequent and I have to say, it seems to be the perfect emoticon for many situations.  Well, Etsy seller opticalawesome is […]

  • Things To Do When The Internet Is Down [pic]

    It doesn’t happen very often, but like everybody else, my internet goes down on occasion and it always sends me searching for something to do.  Well, somebody has compiled a number of things to do into this awesome little graphic to give you some ideas.  With the server for Global Geek News having been down […]