The Sacred Order of Geeks [Infographic]

Here on Global Geek News, most of the stuff I post is targeted at the somewhat stereotypical geek who likes video games, science fiction, fantasy and superheroes.  Of course not all geeks like all of those things (I am only now getting into the fantasy stuff and have never read a comic book in my life) but I try to keep things diverse enough that there is something for everybody.  However, that kind of begs the question, what kind of geeks are there?

The infographic below called The Sacred Order of Geeks lists a bunch of different types of geeks and their descriptions.  I find myself falling somewhere between Das Ubergeek and the Internet Geek although I see a little of myself in a couple of other categories like Star Trek geek and Gamer Geek.  What about you?  Tell us in the comments which one best describes you!

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The Sacred Order of Geeks

[Source:  BCO via Geeks are Sexy]