Star Wars Death Star Trench Cake

Amazing Star Wars Death Star Trench Cake

It never ceases to amaze me just how much work that someone will put into making a cake.  As amazing as the countless cakes that I have posted look, I have a hard time justifying making something that I am going to eat look that cool just for the sake of it looking cool.  I guess that just means that I will never have a career as a cake maker.  However, luckily there are those that love to put tons of time and effort into making cakes look amazing because then I get to post about them!  In today’s case, I give you this amazing Star Wars Death Star trench cake!

I can’t say I really know anything about this cake other than it looks delicious and the level of detail is incredible.  Sadly, when it came across my Facebook feed, there was no mention of who the creator was or what occasion they made this cake for.  So if you happen to know who spent their hours making this insanely detailed Star Wars Death Star trench cake, please mention it in the comments below so they can get the credit they fully deserve!

I will say that this does have me kind of wanting a Star Wars cake for my birthday this summer.  I don’t know that I want something this detailed but between games and the shows, I have been on a major Star Wars kick lately so it seems appropriate.  If anybody wants to make one for me, I wouldn’t turn it down!  Perhaps something like this Star Wars AT-AT cake would be great.

Make sure to share this with any Star Wars fans and cake makers you know!  I’m sure they will appreciate just how amazingly detailed this cake is and how much effort it took to make it!






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