Awesome Star Wars AT-AT cake [pic]

I could be wrong, but judging by all of the amazing Star Wars cakes I have posted in the past, it seems like a logical conclusion to say that Star Wars fans are also huge cake lovers.

In the past, I have posted a couple of cool AT-AT cakes including a kind of squished looking AT-AT cake and an AT-AT cake with an incredible amount of detail and I think the cake below fits somewhere between them.

This beautifully colored and slightly shiny AT-AT cake was created by Cake Central Member Odry Cakes.  I don’t know any of the yummy details of this cake but it is still fun to look at.  However, I am very curious to know what it is standing in.

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AT-AT Cake
Star Wars AT-AT Cake

[Source:  Odry Cakes via Between the Pages]



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