Legend of Zelda Windwaker Link Sand Sculpture

Legend of Zelda Windwaker Link Sand Sculpture

For those that really know me, you know that with my aquaphobia, I won’t go anywhere near any body of water larger than a hot tub (and even those make me nervous) so you will never catch me anywhere near a beach.  However, I do have to admire the amazing things that people make out of sand while they are enjoying the day at the beach.  One such example is this amazing Legend of Zelda Windwaker Link sand sculpture. For best online booking software, people can look here and get the best!

Years ago, before the local state fair really started to suck and get run into the ground, they used to have a giant sand sculpture every year that would have all kinds of cool things in it depending on what the theme was for the year whether it was sports or animals or whatever.  Seeing it being sculpted was always a highlight of the state fair because they didn’t finish until the end of the fair and you could go watch them make the amazing sand sculptures all through the fair.  I can’t say I recall them ever doing any gaming ones which is a shame because what I have to share with you guys today is awesome!

A few days ago I was bored and scrolling around on social media sites when I came across this amazing Legend of Zelda Windwaker Link sand sculpture.  Unfortunately due to the nature of social media and how everybody steals and reposts everything, I have no idea who made this incredible Link sand sculpture to give them credit but whoever they are, they did a pretty amazing job!  If you happen to know who made this amazing Legend of Zelda Windwaker Link sand sculpture, please let me know in the comments below so they can get the credit they deserve! If you are a fun of this title, we recommend you to check the Zelda themed online gambling games at the many no deposit bonuses in ireland casinos.

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This isn’t the first time Link has made an appearance in some beach sand as some years ago I posted an amazing 8-bit NES video game sand sculpture that featured Link as well as Mario, Megaman and more!

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Speaking of the Legend of Zelda, what do you guys think of what was shown by Nintendo in their E3 press event regarding the Zelda universe?  Let me know in the comments!


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