8-Bit NES Video Game Sand Sculpture [pic]

I’ve always thought sand sculptures are pretty cool.  I was really sad when our state fair decided not to bring them back because they had some amazing sand sculptures over the years.  Although not having any sand sculptures to see in person kind of sucks, the picture of this amazing 8-bit video game themed sand sculpture makes up for it.  Several of the Nintendo NES classics are represented on this awesome sand sculpture including Super Mario Bros, Megaman, Final Fantasy and the Legend of Zelda.  This work of art appears to be called ‘I am 8-bit’ and it was created by Guy-Olivier Deveau who created it for the Parskville Canadian Open.  He did an amazing job!

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I Am 8-Bit Video Game Sand Sculpture
I Am 8-Bit Video Game Sand Sculpture

[Source: Guy-Olivier Deveau via Geeks are Sexy]


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