Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art

Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art

One of the games I grew up on as a kid was the Pac-Man arcade games.  I’ve spent many quarters over the years playing the various versions of Pac-Man in arcades and restaurants (there are still a couple in my town that have Pac-Man arcade cabinets last I checked) because its just such an addicting game.  So of course when I saw this awesome Pac-Man manhole cover art, it made my day and I knew I had to share it with all of you as I know many of you have fond memories of retro video games like I do!

This clever Pac-Man manhole cover painting was created by French street artist Oakoak.  I’m not sure where exactly this Pac-Man manhole cover is located (presumably in France) so I can’t tell you where to go see it in person but I would bet money that by the time you got there somebody would have stolen this anyway because this is just really cool!  Perhaps its showing that I’m used to living in a city with a horrific property crime problem.

Have you ever created any really cool art out of every day objects like this?  If so, tell me about it in the comments below and be sure to share pictures or video because I would love to see it and perhaps even feature it here on GGN at some point!

Check out the images below of the before and the in progress image showing this awesome Pac-Man manhole cover art in the making!

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Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art Being Created
Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art In Progress


Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art Before
Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art Before

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