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  • Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art

    Pac-Man Manhole Cover Art

    One of the games I grew up on as a kid was the Pac-Man arcade games.  I’ve spent many quarters over the years playing the various versions of Pac-Man in arcades and restaurants (there are still a couple in my town that have Pac-Man arcade cabinets last I checked) because its just such an addicting […]

  • Amazing 3D Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Street Art [pic]

    One of my favorite things to post on here is awesome street art.  In the past, I have posted some pretty impressive 3D Batman street art which seemed to be a bit of a tribute to the old tv show from the 60s, but now it looks like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are looking […]

  • Mind Blowing Dark Knight Rises 3D Street Art [pic]

    Are you excited for the new Batman movie yet?  Well, you will be after seeing this awesome Dark Knight: Rises 3D street art! I can’t seem to find who the artist is that made this mind blowing Dark Knight: Rises street art, but apparently this can be seen somewhere in Madrid, Spain.  I suspect this […]

  • Amazing 3D Pac-Man Street Art [pic]

    I’m not sure if it is a lack of good street artists around here or lack of a street art supporting culture, but you never see street art where I live.  Sure, the gangs like to make their presence known by tagging everything they see with graffiti, but as far as real art street art […]

  • Amazing Batman and Robin Sidewalk Art [pic]

    When I used to watch the old 60s Batman as a kid, I was always enjoyed watching Batman and Robin walk up the side of a building.  Its a strange thing to like but I was a kid at the time and thought the idea of waking up wall was cool.  Well, apparently a street […]

  • Terracotta LEGO Army 3D Street Art [pic]

    Ever since the Terracotta Army was discovered in China back in 1974 it has fascinated so many people that last I heard, it was averaging around 2 million tourists a year.  Apparently some of those fans are also fans of LEGO and street art judging by this fantastic picture of some 3D LEGO street art […]