PlayStation Cake

Sweet Sony PlayStation Cake

Its been a long time since I have posted a gaming console cake so when I came across this PlayStation cake, I figured I should share it, especially considering the occasion that the cake was created for!

For those that might not know, Sony has an incredible blog dedicated to its PlayStation gaming platform and a few days ago the blog turned 10 years old!  As part of the celebration, they had a PlayStation themed cake baked to celebrate the 10th birthday of PlayStation.Blog.

There is no mention of who they had bake this incredible cake whether it was a local bakery or it was just made by one of their employees but whoever made it, they did a pretty incredible job and did a great job of capturing the feel of the original PlayStation console.

Congrats to the folks over at Sony for 10 years of PlayStation.Blog!  For those that don’t know, the blog is a great resource for finding out about upcoming games, which games are going to be free for the month as part of the PlayStation Plus subscriptions, game sales and more!  If you own a PlayStation system you should be checking it out regularly!

And if this has wet your appetite for console related cakes, you might enjoy checking out some of the console related cakes I have posted in the past like this Xbox 360 cake, this SNES cake and this NES cake.  As I recall, this is the first PlayStation cake I have had the privilege of posting and I hope its not the last!

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Sony PlayStation Cake
Sony PlayStation Cake
Sony PlayStation Cake
Sony PlayStation Cake

[via PlayStation.Blog]






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