Amazing NES Cake [pic]

I’ve posted a ton of video game related cakes in the past, but I think this NES console cake might just be the best.  Its kind of funny to see Donkey Kong’s fist and foot sticking through the console.  The detail on the cake and all of the characters like Mario and MegaMan is amazing but I think the detail on the Hylian shield is spectacular.  This is definitely wha tI want for my next birthday cake.  For those curious, Debbie Goard was the creator of this delicious looking NES cake.

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Nintendo NES Cake by Debbie Goard
Nintendo NES Cake by Debbie Goard

[Source:  Debbie Does Cakes via Geeks are Sexy]



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One response to “Amazing NES Cake [pic]”

  1. Avengedmaggot555 Avatar

    Looks absolutely amazing. I’d be terrified of eating it and then losing it forever.

    But where is Link’s hat? The Hero of Time needs his sexy headgear

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