Doctor Who Cookie

An Incredibly Beautiful Doctor Who Cookie

The holidays might be over but with tons of cookies still sitting on my stove, I think its safe to say I’ll still be in a cookie mood for a while.  And speaking of delicious cookies, when I saw this incredibly detailed and beautiful Doctor Who cookie, I knew I just had to share it!

A couple of days ago I shared a couple of pictures of a rather fantastic Doctor Who Heavenly Host cookie and since people seemed to really like that, I thought I just had to post this Doctor Who cookie I stumbled across.

Much like the cookie from a couple of days ago, this cookie was also inspired by one of the Doctor Who Christmas specials.  This Doctor Who cookie, which was created by Znique Creations for A Merry Whovian Christmas was inspired by the classic 11th Doctor Christmas special called The Snowmen.  On this beautifully colored cookie, you see Matt Smith’s Doctor and Clara climbing a ladder and there is even a light poll in the background with the Doctor Who logo for the light which I think is quite clever!

I don’t know how long it took to paint this masterpiece Doctor Who cookie but I think it was time well spent!  I think it is almost a shame to eat something that looks this incredible and detailed.

Of course if a cookie isn’t eaten, its not fulfilling its destiny so logically it must be eaten.  That logic might also be part of the reason that I really need to go on a diet.

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Doctor Who Cookie Close Up
Doctor Who Cookie Close Up

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