Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake By Naera

A Super Mario Bros wedding cake even Peach would love

Having grown up playing Super Mario Bros on the NES (I still play it all the time on my 3DS XL), I can understand how people could love it enough to make it one of the biggest pieces of their wedding day.  In the past, I have posted a bunch of Super Mario Bros wedding cakes ranging from this spectacular Super Mario Bros wedding cake to this mind blowing Super Mario Bros wedding cake so when I saw this adorable looking Super Mario Bros wedding cake, I knew I had to share it on here.

This beautiful Super Mario Bros themed wedding cake was created by DeviantART user Naera.  Unfortunately, she doesn’t give any of the delicious details about the cake like what it is made of or how long it took and there is no mention of who the happy couple was that got this cake.  Either way, the cake looks amazing and I’m sure the happy couple (who I would like to wish a happy marriage!) loved it!

Nothing says I love you quite like Mario down on one knee asking Princess Peach to marry him on a wedding cake.

Sadly, my princess seems to be in another castle and I’m starting to suspect that castle is in another galaxy, in a different universe.

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Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake By Naera
Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake By Naera

[Source:  Naera via it8bit]



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