Mind Blowing Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake [pic]

Just a few days ago, I posted a pretty cool Super Mario inspired wedding cake that even featured a little Mario Kart action, but for the old school gamers, there is nothing like the classic Super Mario Bros on the NES.  Well, now there is a wedding cake that does a fantastic job of recreating that 8-bit magic!

This fantastic Super Mario Bros wedding cake which was inspired by the NES game, was created by cake hobbyist Frances Clayton (I can’t believe this is only a hobby and she doesn’t do stuff like this for a living!).  The level of detail and effort put into this cake is mind blowing!  I’ve seen less detailed work from professional cake makers!

I don’t know who the happy couple is, but if this cake is any indication, their marriage is off to a fantastic start!

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Super Mario Bros NES Wedding Cake
Super Mario Bros Wedding Cake

[Via ThinkGeek on Facebook]