This Minas Tirith Sand Sculpture is Incredible!

Our state fair has become nothing but a boring shell of what it was when I was growing up but one of the few things I still enjoy going to it for every year is the incredible sand sculpture they usually have.  It usually ends up being a work of art around two stories tall with a different theme every year (sports, dinosaurs, ect).  However, they have never done a Lord of the Rings inspired sand sculpture and after seeing this one, I’m not sure I want anything else next year.

This incredible Lord of the Rings inspired Minas Tirith sand sculpture was created by Joseph Alvernaz.  I don’t know how much time or effort he spent in creating this but it was absolutely worth it as he did an incredible job!

I would definitely rank this up there with the Batman sand sculpture and the 8-bit video game sand sculptures I have posted in the past.  Consider me blown away!

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Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith Sand Sculpture
Minas Tirith Sand Sculpture

[Source:  DeviantART]


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