Superman, Spider-Man and Batman Make for One Spectacular Superhero Cake [pic]

It seems like superhero mash-up cakes featuring Superman, Spider-Man and Batman are a hot thing lately.  This is the third one I have posted in just the last two months!  The first superhero mash-up cake featured an actual Spider-Man figure on the top while the other featured an amazing pair of Hulk hands.  Well, now I have stumbled upon another superhero cake that features arguably the three most popular superheroes ever.

This amazing superhero cake featuring Superman, Spider-Man and Batman was created by Hamley Bake Shoppe.  Its not the most ornate cake I have ever seen, but I would say they did a splendid job!

This brings me to my question for the post.  Does anybody else find Spider-Mans mask kind of creepy?  I’ve always been kind of creeped out by the eyes.  Does anybody else feel this way?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Superman, Spider-Man and Batman Cake
Superman, Spider-Man and Batman Cake

[Source:  Hamley Bake Shoppe via Between the Pages]






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