Spectacular Superhero Cake [pic]

When I was a kid, I loved superheroes but I was never really into comics (honestly, I have still never read a comic book).  I was a huge fan of the superhero tv shows like Louis and Clark, the Batman tv show from the 60s and the various cartoon shows featuring the best known comic book superheroes like Spider-Man and the X-Men.  However, as much as I enjoyed those shows, I never got an awesome superhero birthday cake like one kid did.

Some kid by the name of Ryan apparently got this cake to celebrate his 5th birthday and it is definitely one of the coolest superhero cakes I have seen!  Sadly, I don’t know who the baker of this amazing cake is to give them credit, but they did an impressive job, especially with the Spider-Man part!  The Batman cake section and the Superman cake section are pretty cool took but I am blown away by the Spider-man part!

This kid is definitely lucky to get a cake this cool for their 5th birthday!  I am jealous!

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Superhero Cake
Superhero Birthday Cake With Spider-Man, Batman and Superman

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