Big Bang Theory Sheldon Pay Attention T-Shirt [pic]

Last week, I read that nearly 20 million people are now watching the Big Bang Theory and I count myself among them as I have loved the show from the first night it aired.  As a huge fan of the show and especially the Sheldon character, it tickled my funny bone when I saw this awesome Sheldon shirt.

The awesome folks over at 80sTees are selling this Big Bang Theory Sheldon pay attention shirt for just $22.  Not only does it feature the lovable Sheldon, but it boasts perhaps my favorite Sheldon line, “Pay attention!  Years from now my biographer may ask you about this event.”

This seems an appropriate shirt for me to wear as I hope to do something big enough to one day have my own biographer.  If you dream of the same thing or just like Sheldon, I suggest picking up one of these shirts as it is only logical!

The second picture below should give you a better look at the design if you are on the fence about getting this shirt (and you should!).

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BBT Sheldon T-Shirt
Big Bang Theory Sheldon Pay Attention T-Shirt
BBT Sheldon Shirt Design
Big Bang Theory Sheldon Pay Attention Shirt Design

[Source:  80sTees]






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