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  • Big Bang Theory Ball Pit Cake

    Big Bang Theory Ball Pit Cake

    Other than classic shows like Friends and Frasier, I don’t watch too many sitcoms these days.  There just aren’t that many that I really find appealing with perhaps the only exception being the Big Bang Theory.  Thanks to the geeky nature of the show, I can identify with it perhaps more than any sitcom I […]

  • Big Bang Theory Sheldon Pay Attention T-Shirt [pic]

    Last week, I read that nearly 20 million people are now watching the Big Bang Theory and I count myself among them as I have loved the show from the first night it aired.  As a huge fan of the show and especially the Sheldon character, it tickled my funny bone when I saw this […]

  • Floor Map for The Big Bang Theory [pic]

    Fans of The Big Bang Theory such as myself have a pretty good grasp of the layout of the apartments for Leonard, Sheldon and Penny, but one person decided to go one step further and draw up a floor map for the apartments. Artist and DeviantART user Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is the creator of this […]

  • If The Big Bang Theory Characters Were Superheroes [pic]

    The characters on the Big Bang Theory all seem to be obsessed with various comic book superheroes so this piece of Big Bang Theory fan art seems like a perfect fit. The cast of the Big Bang Theory were all drawn up as superheroes in this awesome picture that would actually make for a really […]

  • The Big Bang Theory Drinking Game [pic]

    Like most geeks I know, I am a huge fan of The Big Bang Theory.  Its one of the only shows on TV that I can stand to watch these days as most shows are either reality garbage or spin-off crap.  Well, I may not be one for drinking, but I know many of you […]

  • Steve Wozniak on The Big Bang Theory [Video]

    Steve Wozniak was on last night’s episode of The Big Bang Theory.  Woz played himself in the show and it was quite an entertaining segment.  In case you missed it, here is the clip from last nights show with his appearance. The Big Bang Theory is an awesome sitcom, especially for geeks and it airs […]