This Metal Gear Bento Box Will Blow Your Mind! [pics]

Being a food and video game lover, I have posted some really cool video game themed bento boxes in the past such as the DIY Super Mario bento box, Pac-Man bento box and Portal bento box.  However, as cool as they all are (and you really should check them out), they are all blown out of the water by this amazing Metal Gear bento box.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Metal Gear franchise, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima commissioned this mind blowing Metal Gear bento box to be made for the celebration.  At first, I honestly didn’t think the faces were even real food until I read more about this work of video game food art.  Below are the yummy details and a couple of pictures that will blow your mind!

Kojima pointed out that the faces were made from mashed potatoes, the hair and beard were green onions, while the eyes were quail eggs. Tapioca was used to achieve the eye color.

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Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Bento Box
Metal Gear Bento Box
Metal Gear Bento Box
Metal Gear 25th Anniversary Bento Box

[Source:  Kotaku via Geeks are Sexy]


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