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  • Awesome Nintendo Bento Box Featuring Kirby, Yoshi, Pikachu and More!

    Awesome Nintendo Bento Box Featuring Kirby, Yoshi, Pikachu and More!

    Even as a kid, I was never really one to play with my food (not counting that one time I got a piece of ham stuck up my nose).  I have always preferred to eat my food rather than play with it but I suppose I prefer to satisfy my hunger than my creative desires.  […]

  • Really Cute Super Mario Bento Box

    When I cook (which isn’t very often), I can’t say I pay much attention to how the food looks.  While I love watching shows like Iron Chef America and Chopped to see the really fancy plating for their dishes, when it comes to my own cooking, I really don’t care what it looks like.  I […]

  • This Metal Gear Bento Box Will Blow Your Mind! [pics]

    Being a food and video game lover, I have posted some really cool video game themed bento boxes in the past such as the DIY Super Mario bento box, Pac-Man bento box and Portal bento box.  However, as cool as they all are (and you really should check them out), they are all blown out […]

  • Super Mario Bento Box and How to Make Your Own! [pic + video]

    I’ve never been one to do the take your own lunch to work thing since I am the guy at work who goes and fetches lunch for everybody, but I still have a tremendous appreciation for the amazing bento boxes that some geeks create.  In the past, I have posted a really cool Super Mario […]

  • DIY Ewok Bento Box [pic + video]

    Despite how much I enjoy posting geeky and delicious looking bento boxes, I’ve never even considered attempting to make my own.  Well, for the Star Wars fans out there who have been interested in making their own but aren’t quite sure where to start, I recommend checking out the DIY video below! In this video, […]

  • Super Mario Bento Box [pic]

    After being told by their parents a few times not to play with their food, most people never really play with their food again for the rest of their life and I find that to be sad.  If more people ignored that bit of advice, we might have more awesome gaming food like this! Heather […]