Gingerbread Portal Companion Cube [pic]

After posting the gingerbread TARDIS and gingerbread Millennium Falcon among a few others, I have kind of felt like the video game side of things has kind of been left out of the gingerbread fun this year.  Well, at least the Portal fans will be happy with this amazing gingerbread Companion Cube!

DeviantART user IrkenIdiot is the Portal loving gamer that made this awesome looking gingerbread Companion Cube.  You can find all of the details on just how they made it over on DeviantART including a link to the icing recipe that they used which doesn’t sound appetizing at all.

If you want to see more gingerbread video game awesomeness, I suggest checking out the Super Mario gingerbread castle I posted last year.

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Gingerbread Companion Cube
Gingerbread Portal Companion Cube

[Source:  IrkenIdiot]


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