This Spider-Man Cake is Spectacular [pic]

In the past, I have posted a couple of amazing Spider-Man cakes including a Spider-Man groom’s cake and a Spider-Man cake that is so epic it won an award, but it has been a while since I have posted any so when I came across this Spider-Man cake, I knew I had to post it!

The creator of this amazing Spider-Man cake is Have Some Sugar.  Not only does this Spider-Man cake look spectacular with how nice and clean it looks, it sounds delicious too!  This Spider-Man cake is a sponge cake filled with milk chocolate ganache.  All of the Spider-Man decoration parts of it which set it apart from just a cake bust of some guy were made out of sugar paste (yay for not being fondant!).

I’m not sure if this cake was for a birthday or some other type of event, but it is one of the best Spider-Man cakes ever!

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Spider-Man Bust Cake
Spider-Man Cake

[via Between the Pages]






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