Blowing Snow in Snowtrooper Cosplay [pic]

When it comes to clearing fresh snow off of the driveway and sidewalks, I still use the old fashioned snow shovel.  I wish I had a snow blower as my back has a hard time standing shoveling all of the snow, especially when it is a lot of heavy, wet snow but it just isn’t in the budget.  However not only was it in the budget for one guy, apparently a Star Wars Imperial Snowtrooper costume was too and of course there is no better way to dress when clearing snow than as a Snowtrooper!

According to the Facebook tag, the awesome guy in the Imperial Snowtrooper cosplay operating their snow blower is a fellow by the name of Richard Healey (UPDATE: Thanks to a correction in the comments, I’m told this is actually Jim Mossey).  I’m not sure his Snowtrooper outfit looks warm enough to do snow removal but I kind of wish I had that helmet for when I shovel my driveways as my baseball cap doesn’t do the best job keeping my head warm.

Props to this guy for being awesome!

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Star Wars Imperial Snowtrooper Clears Snow
Imperial Snowtrooper Clears Snow

[Via The Dork Side on Facebook]